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Eutelsat Video Industry Survey: Ultra HD Focus

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Eutelsat Video Industry Survey: Ultra HD Focus

It’s no longer a matter of if Ultra HD will become a mainstream service, but rather when...

Eutelsat’s latest Industry Survey focuses on Ultra HD, with an in-depth, across the board look at how key players see this innovative broadcasting format evolving. Claudia Vaccarone, Eutelsat’s Head of Market Research & Customer Experience, discusses the report.

Why is the Eutelsat Video Industry Survey valuable for the industry?

Claudia: The Eutelsat Video Industry Survey is an independent survey of the broadcast industry that we have been running for the past two years in order to take the pulse of market-shaping trends in our ecosystem around the globe.

We live in dynamic times with innovative formats and new business models continually emerging. In using a systematic tool we can get a better sense of how industry experts perceive industry trends. By constantly improving our own understanding and fuelling the conversations taking place we can promote a stronger broadcast industry for all stakeholders.

How do people take part in the survey?

Claudia: The questionnaire is administered online in order to simplify access and optimise reach. We promote it to our own clients and also organically via multiple online channels in order to reach the maximum number of participants from diverse business categories in the video ecosystem.

This year we were pleased to attract over 120 C-level respondents from leading brands in broadcasting, representing the whole value chain, from content production to distribution, pay-TV platforms, cable and IPTV operators, free-to-air channels, etc. We also achieved a wide representation geographically, with respondents from 38 countries around the world.

What are some of the key trends highlighted in the report?

Claudia: The 2016 Ultra HD edition points to some clear trends in the industry:

1.Ultra HD is now an established format for 66% of broadcast providers who responded to the survey and are either already providing Ultra HD services or have plans to do so in the next five years. It’s no longer a matter of if Ultra HD will become a mainstream service, but rather when.

2.We know today that of the 84 Ultra HD channels and services launched worldwide, half are broadcast via satellite and half are terrestrially distributed to consumers (mainly streaming or IPTV). However 42% of respondents to the survey indicated that satellite is their preferred platform for solid structural reasons: satellite is the most cost-effective technology for reaching the widest possible audience with a stable signal, and its reach outmatches and will continue to outmatch terrestrial platforms.

The report also includes insights on the most relevant business models for a sustainable service, content availability, and the appreciation of HDR standards being proposed.

Download the report to get all the findings

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