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Photo credit: Artist rendition (Airbus Defence & Space)
Photo credit: Artist rendition (Airbus Defence & Space)

Press release -

EUTELSAT 36D satellite selected by Airbus to embark its latest Ultra High Frequency payload

  • Incremental payload providing additional revenue stream
  • Further optimising the value-creation of Eutelsat’s in-orbit assets
  • Demonstrating Eutelsat’s ability to serve governments as trusted partners

Paris, June 30, 2021 – Eutelsat Communications’ (Euronext Paris: ETL) EUTELSAT 36D satellite has been selected by Airbus Defence and Space to carry its latest Ultra High Frequency (UHF) payload.

Airbus Defence and Space has already received firm pre-commitments on this payload.O perating in the dedicated 225-400MHz frequency band, the payload will address French governmental applications and other allied governmental applications to support communications over the EMEA region.

Built by Airbus Defence and Space, the all-electric EUTELSAT 36D will assure all the main legacy missions of EUTELSAT 36B, with enhancements to coverage areas and performance. The satellite is due for launch in the first half of 2024. With coverage of Africa, Russia and Europe, 36° East is a key orbital slot for Eutelsat and ranks second behind 70° East in terms of revenue generation in Government Services.

Commenting on the agreement, Pascal Homsy Eutelsat’s Chief Technical Officer said: “We are excited to take our relationship with Airbus to the next level, embarking for the first time an UHF payload on its behalf. This incremental mission reflects not only the unparalleled coverage of Eutelsat’s fleet, but is also a further example of our ability to generate additional value from our core assets, serving Governments as trusted partners.”

Cédric Oudiette, Head of Secure Communications Strategy at Airbus Defence and Space added: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to embark our UHF payload at this key orbital position, enabling to strengthen Airbus’ leading position in satellite communication services for governmental and defence applications.”


About Eutelsat Communications

Founded in 1977, Eutelsat Communications is one of the world's leading satellite operators. With a global fleet of satellites and associated ground infrastructure, Eutelsat enables clients across Video, Data, Government, Fixed and Mobile Broadband markets to communicate effectively to their customers, irrespective of their location. Over 6800 television channels operated by leading media groups are broadcast by Eutelsat to one billion viewers equipped for DTH reception or connected to terrestrial networks. Headquartered in Paris, with offices and teleports around the globe, Eutelsat assembles 1,200 men and women from 50 countries who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service.

Eutelsat Communications is listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (ticker: ETL).

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